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jag attorneyAttorney Troy Smith is currently a civilian defense attorney fighting for the rights of people who the police, prosecutors, judges, and courts want to punish severely. But before entering the civilian sector, Attorney Smith worked as a JAG attorney representing military defendants. If you are a service member looking for representation that goes above and beyond, you will want to make working with a former JAG attorney like Troy Smith a priority.

What is a JAG Attorney?

A Judge Advocate General (JAG) attorney works within a special branch of the armed forces tasked with upholding military law. At different times, a JAG attorney will handle the duties of either a prosecutor or a defense lawyer, giving them a unique perspective on both sides of the procedure. JAG attorneys receive rigorous training in the law and are held to military standards significantly stricter than a civilian lawyer. A JAG attorney relies on his or her principles, intellect, and commitment to the armed services to ensure that military law is respected and protected.

Why Work with a JAG Attorney?

A former JAG attorney like Troy Smith can be a big asset when you need defense counsel in a military law matter. Since a JAG attorney receives rigorous training and study in this specific subject, they have deeper insights than the average defense lawyer will be able to provide. Plus, they understand the unique needs and wants of service members on trial, from both a legal and emotional standpoint. On the whole, a JAG attorney can provide a higher-caliber of representation quite simply because they have so much more experience than anyone else. If you want to resolve a matter of military law in your favor, a former JAG attorney will be a huge asset.

If you need to begin building a defense or simply want to ask questions, reach out to Attorney Troy A. Smith. His past as a JAG attorney will be clear to any service member who recognizes the focus and determination that military service teaches and that criminal defense requires. For a free consultation, call 212-537-4029 at your convenience.