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Criminal Defense Case - Felony -

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Criminal Defense Case – Felony


Felony Possession of a loaded Firearm & Resisting Arrest:

NOT GUILTY After Trial. (View Case Details Here)

August 2013

There’s no feeling like having your life and liberty interrupted especially when it results from being accused of a crime that you wholeheartedly did not commit.

You see it frequently on the television how some wrongly accused individual is finally released after serving 10 15 20+ years in prison. You hear terms like tampering with evidence, withholding evidence, planting evidence. These acts being executed by our so called officials, people that we entrust with the duty to protect the interest of society, but we know there are nefarious people everywhere and all walks of life, wolf’s and sheep’s clothing so to speak.

I was being falsely accused of criminal possession of a weapon. I knew it was going to come down to my word against the word of two police officers. My life was on the line, literally who would believe me, a black man from the Bronx over these two officers? Is what I thought countless of times in my mind. I went from depression to desperation to disillusion. Emotions bounced around my body like a pinball machine. Often times feeling like the oxygen was being removed from the atmosphere.

Then I met Mr. Troy A. Smith, an attorney who is an avid sports fan and also had a military background. One thing I know about us sports guys is that we are competitive. We don’t like to lose and the military background speaks for itself. These are traits of a person you want on your side in any crisis situation and he knew his craft. Troy dissected this case to miniature pieces, exposed these officers in there official and lying capacity. A family member of mine that watched the trial, defined Troy as “the greatest” sort of like Muhammad Ali in his prime, he was bedazzled by Troy’s command of the court room.

I can say personally that I would not be here with my mother, grandmother, aunt’s, uncle’s, nieces and nephews if it wasn’t for Troy.

Like my family said “he is the greatest”. And I agree!

– R.B. in NYC