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Felony Burglary: Vacated -

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Felony Burglary: Vacated


April 2011 – Juvenile Felony Burglary Vacated

Client, now 19 years old, pled guilty to felony Burglary charge in Orange County Family Court when he was 15 years old and was adjudicated a juvenile offender. The client wanted to enlist in the United States Army but required a waiver in order to enlist because of the crime he had committed as a juvenile. Attorney Troy Smith successfully filed a motion to reopen the juvenile proceeding to request that the Family Court vacate the felony juvenile adjudication. The Family Court judge agreed and allowed the client to withdraw his plea to Burglary and plead instead to a Misdemeanor Trespass.

Based on this, the Client no longer needed a waiver to enlist in the United States Army and is proudly serving his country today.