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Should Kids be on the Sex Offender Registry?


There are plenty of arguments about whether or not children and teenagers should be on the sex offender registry. While there are plenty of cases to and for, it is something that is still in constant debate. There are plenty of reasons for both sides, and it is something that might not ever find a resolution. However, where the law is concerned, it will take much more than public debate. Rules are not changed on the whim of those discussing them. And often it takes entirely too much to sway those who can make the changes, for fear they are making the wrong decision and opening the wrong door. You can read more about it here.

Sex Offender Registry: Is Age a Factor

While the sex offender registry isn’t only for those who have underage victims, there is an argument that children and teenagers should be listed regardless of age. This is because they have actually been convicted of a sexually based crime and will have to face the charges. There is no bias towards the age of the victim, and there should be no bias towards the age of the offender. However, at what age does an offender understand the crime they have committed and its effects? And should that be taken into account or is it only the fact the crime was committed that matters?

Laws Without Bias

Laws do not only apply to those of a certain age; they only allow for leniency in sentencing based on the crime and the youth of the perpetrator. This means that there should also be the same due diligence according to some who argue the issue. Once we start to offer a pass to those under a certain age, which crimes does that apply to and what is the period. There have been child offenders who have been as young as four. There is no way to know if their crime was one of not knowing, not understanding or not caring. But, the law still has something to say about the crime committed.

Letter of the Law

Many argue that justice is blind and people should follow the letter of the law regardless of age. If we really want to believe that truth sees no discrimination and knows no bounds, then the argument can be made that this applies to children and teenagers, as well. If the laws are bent or circumvented, it allows for future cases to follow suit. This means that even further from there allowances can be made for other cases. Soon, what was once a law to be enforced has become a suggestion asked to be followed.

Sex Offender Registry: Future Problems

Many will say that those who transgress these laws young should receive punishment and be apart of a database that identifies them in the future. After all, if someone can commit these crimes so young, what is to stop them from repeating them again later? This is something that can affect a child, not only in the future when they are trying to get a job; but when they are still younger and trying to learn. It will taint the way they see the world and what it has to offer them, but also see how cruel the justice system can be at a young age.

Sex Offender Registry: Currently

Ultimately, the laws are what they are and will not be changing anytime soon.  The sex offender registry is something that is people take very seriously and anyone can access it. These days there are apps, websites and even locators that are an extension of the database. The last thing you want is for your name to end up on it. If you find yourself facing charges that might put you on that list, it is something that you need to weigh out very carefully. You need an attorney who understands these laws and how to try cases like yours. They will need plenty of experiences in this focus of the legal system and how it works. Without that knowledge, your case will crumble. And that is not a chance that you want to take.

Finding someone who has a deep understanding of the law as well as the expertise to practice it can be very trying, but it doesn’t have to be. You can start your search here. You will want to tell them as much about your case as possible and as honestly as you can. While you might think that something is detrimental to your situation, your lawyer knowing about it can be a great help. Just remember that you have a voice in the court and someone fighting for you. Picking the right attorney is the best start to making sure it is a loud voice that the courts will hear.