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Criminal Defense Case - Fully Acquitted -

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Criminal Defense Case – Fully Acquitted


My name is Bryan McCaskill and I am a free man because of my guardian Angel, Troy A. Smith.

May 2014

I spent 5 years and 3 days in jail for a crime that I did not commit. When I was locked up in 2008 I had an eight year old daughter. Now she is 13 and thanks to Troy I can try to repair the five years lost of being a daddy to my little girl.

I had to endure three jury trials. Troy was not my lawyer for the first two trials both which ended in hung juries followed by nearly two weeks of deadlocked jury deliberations. After the 2nd hung jury, I thought my life was over and that I was going to die in jail. It was then that I met my angel, Mr. Troy Smith. Troy was more than just my lawyer, he was a great friend to me. When Troy became my lawyer he came to me and said that I know you are a good guy and should not be here. He told me that he was going to do everything in his power to get me back to my family. He did not let me down. As I said before in the first two trials before Troy became my lawyer, the juries were hopelessly deadlocked for 2 weeks. I found it almost beyond belief that after Troy’s absolutely masterful performance as my criminal defense lawyer in the third trial that the jury needed less than one hour of deliberations to fully acquit me of a murder that I had absolutely nothing to do with. I give thanks every day to this man. Troy Smith is my hero. If you ever get into trouble and need an angel on your side this is the man. I truly believe that Troy Smith has a connection to the man up top. Thanks to Troy I am home and I am free. Thank you Mr. Troy Smith