New York City Conviction Rates: Where You Want to Stand Trial

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New York City Conviction Rates: Where You Want to Stand Trial


Crime in New York City has been the lowest is has ever been in 2016. Crime has been on a decline since the mid-1990’s, but in more recent years has been lower than ever before. The Chief of Police has accredited this to technology and being able to predict patterns. With better and newer tools, they can link crimes together and find clues that will convict offenders and increase conviction rates.

Conviction rates can vary from year to year, and it may be helpful to know the statistics if you are facing criminal charges. The statistics in New York City aren’t necessarily the same trend as New York state. But, where would the statistics say that your odds are best for a criminal trial? There are certain parts of New York City that lean in your favor and parts that are far more likely to convict you.

Lowest Conviction Rates in New York City

The Bronx has the lowest felony conviction rates in New York City, with forty-nine percent, between January of 2015 and May of 2017. The city’s overall rate is sixty-seven percent, and the state has a seventy-two percent. Contrasting cities like Los Angeles and Chicago have experienced a rise in crime. Chicago has had it’s the highest crime rate ever; statistics show it is higher than both Los Angeles and New York City, combined.

Total arrests were lower in 2016 since they have been, as far back as 2007. The same can be said for Misdemeanor arrests, overall. Felony arrests were at their lowest in 2015 but weren’t much higher in 2016. The misdemeanor numbers for DWI charges were their lowest in 2016, while the felony charges were almost at their highest, only second to 2007. Violent felonies were at their lowest in 2015 but had a slight rise in 2016.

New York State Conviction Stats

The convictions in the state overall were similar. Overall arrests were the lowest they have been since 2007. Misdemeanor arrests saw the same low, but felony arrests were lower in 2015 and then saw a small bump up in 2016.
Both felony and misdemeanor DWI arrests saw a decline in 2016. This was the lowest the state had seen since 2007. Misdemeanor drug charges were at their lowest in 2016, while the felony counterparts were lower in 2015 and rose only slightly in 2016.

Property destruction in the state had somewhat of a bell curve, rising after 2007 and then dropping to almost the same number in 2016.For more statistics on New York (both city and state) statistics, try this link.

Where Do You Want To Stand Trial?

You will probably want to be tried in The Bronx since they have the lowest conviction rates. However, the more important thing is having a competent attorney to represent you. You will need to trust them since your life is in their hands. The statistics may be in your favor, depending on where your case is heard. But, that doesn’t mean a lot if the person representing you doesn’t know what they are doing or has no experience in the court you are being heard in.

You will also want to make sure that they have been in trials similar to yours. Start here, with any questions that you may have. You will want to make sure that you share as much about your case as possible. The more your attorney knows about it, the better they can defend you. There may be a detail that can make a difference in your case, so be honest and explain as much as you can.

What Do I Look For In An Attorney?

You will want someone who has tried cases similar to yours. The more they are familiar with your charges, the better your defense will be. It would also be beneficial to retain someone who is familiar with the court that will hear your case. Some attorneys have built relationships with District Attorneys because they have worked in a court so much. There are also some attorneys who have been District Attorneys in those courts. That is an advantage that you will want to have. It means they know people in those offices, some of the judges and the tactics the prosecution will use.

Finding someone you can trust is helpful, as well. You will need to tell them as much as you can about the events that lead to your charges. Those details might be hard to divulge to someone you don’t trust or can’t open up to. Having faith that they will represent you the best they can also be hard. Trusting your attorney may not be essential to receive a fair trial or stellar defense, but it will help you if you are worried about your case. The best way to determine how much you can trust your attorney is to ask them questions. You’ll want someone who can answer all of your questions in a way that makes you comfortable. After all, they are helping decide your future!