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Plea Bargain to Second Degree Assault -

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Plea Bargain to Second Degree Assault


October 2011 – PLEA BARGAIN TO 2ND DEGREE ASSAULT – Client arrested, charged and indicted on 2 separate incidents of Attempted murder in the Second Degree and Assault in the First Degree.

The client faced a mandatory minimum of 5 years and maximum of 25 years on both cases, Class B Violent Felony Offenses (Minimum 10 years and Max 50 years). Thanks to the efforts of Troy Smith along with his defense private investigator, prosecution offered an unbelievable plea bargain to Assault in the Second Degree and one year in City jail (rather than state prison) to cover both cases (with good time credit client will only have to serve about 8 months in jail). Further, Attorney Smith was able to negotiate as part of the plea deal that the client would not have to go to jail until after the birth of his child in September 2011. Also, by being allowed to be at Riker’s Island, the client’s wife could visit him regularly, something that could not have occurred if client was in state prison often hundreds of miles away.

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