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Reasons You May Need A Student Misconduct Attorney

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Reasons You May Need A Student Misconduct Attorney


Every university and college has a large number of policies that students, faculty, and staff have to follow while being enrolled or working for the institution. These policies often include rules on the conduct requirements for the institution. There are times when students may violate the codes of conduct expected by the school. Sometimes without even realizing how serious this misconduct can be for their future. Let’s break down the different reasons a student misconduct attorney could be helpful to represent a student. In addition to the ramifications of student misconduct charges, and how best to move forward.

Student Misconduct Examples

There are a large number of circumstances that can end up being student misconduct. In some instances, the student may inadvertently be crossing a line that they didn’t realize existed. Every school has its own student misconduct policies, and what punishments come from a particular infraction. In most schools, student misconduct can include:

  • Cheating on an exam
  • Buying essays
  • Plagiarism
  • Dishonesty
  • Falsifying records
  • Damaging university property
  • Disrupting class
  • Hazing
  • Bullying other students
  • Underage drinking
  • Using illegal substances
  • Trespassing
  • Fighting
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual assault

These are not the only behaviors that could be seen as misconduct. Typically, the rules of the campus you attend will be spelled out in a student’s manual or handbook. Often, this student guide will include information on the type of consequences could be faced for violating these rules of conduct. It also can layout the process that happens after an accusation of misconduct.

Consequences of Student Misconduct

The effects of student misconduct can vary depending on the school and the infraction involved. It could be as small as having to rewrite an essay or take an F on a test or assignment. However, it can also be as severe as being removed from school or facing criminal charges in the legal system. What may seem like a little issue at the beginning of the accusation of student misconduct could have an impact on your future and livelihood. This fact is especially if you’re unable to continue pursuing your chosen field or face criminal charges.

Student Misconduct Attorney Over Criminal Defense Attorney

You may be wondering why it’s beneficial to get in touch with a student misconduct attorney over a criminal defense attorney. There’s actually a few reasons why a student misconduct attorney can be more beneficial. The first is that they will be comfortable handling any of the school misconduct proceedings that arise after the misconduct is alleged. Their prior experiences in handling these types of proceedings can help them to give you the best advice on moving forward. In addition to being well versed in how a university goes forward with misconduct allegations, they are also ready to defend you in instances when cases go from the school investigation to the courts.

A criminal defense attorney is certainly ready to tackle your case in any instance that it goes outside of the school, but they will be new to handling the proceedings at the university level. This potential lack of experience could put them in a weak position in helping you to make the best decisions for your student misconduct case moving forward. It can often be more beneficial to find someone that has a background as a student misconduct attorney from the start.

Hiring a Student Misconduct Attorney

The critical process in hiring a student misconduct attorney is to find an attorney that has dealt with similar scenarios in the past. They will have a better idea of what can happen during the school proceedings as well as help you prepare in case the student misconduct goes beyond the school setting. When looking for a student misconduct attorney, your first step should be to inquire about their previous experience. They won’t be able to go into full details about prior clients, but they can give you an idea of how similar the case had been to your situation. The next information you should ask about before hiring a student misconduct attorney is how they would handle your case. Getting their plan for your defense can help in making your decision on what attorney is best.   

Are you or your child in a situation where you believe that you require a student misconduct attorney? It can be a scary scenario that the wrong move could result in complications at school. It can also result in issues far-reaching beyond the school setting. Not handling this situation correctly could result in having to pay back student loans without being able to finish your degree program or other serious consequences. Having a legal representative on your side during this process can go a long way towards the best resolution possible for you. Contact the law office of Troy A. Smith today to discuss your need for a student misconduct attorney. Let us help you to find the right path to handle your situation.